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Global Warming And Its Effects On The World Essay

Among the issues plaguing our world such as global warming, pollution, deforestation, depletion of natural resources, increased emergence of pandemics and epidemics, loss of freshwater, and species extinction there exists one underlying cause, overpopulation. The human population has reached a record 7,467,374,326 people as of 11/27/2016, and is growing at an exponential rate (Current World Population). With the Earth’s number of occupants multiplying so rapidly, our need for resources escalates alongside it. According to Edward O. Wilson, a sociobiologist at Harvard University, â€Å"the planet can hold 10 billion people at the uppermost population limit.†(How Many People Can Earth Support?) Once we reach that threshold, then we will use what little remaining resources we possess and all die in a mass famine. If the human race keeps increasing at the projected amount, then metropolises like New York City will become the standard size for any city or town. There will n o longer be small towns out in the middle of nowhere because the landscape will have been stripped down and developed. This urbanization is becoming evident here in Gwinnett County as the roads and residential areas are becoming more and more crowded every year. The infrastructure does not support the growth of this magnitude. This overflooding of people is visible even in the communities that lie within the wake of urban encroachment. Throughout all the school systems in Georgia, Gwinnett county is the largestShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Global Warming On The World1235 Words   |  5 PagesThey may not be feeling the effects of global warming at the moment, but in time it will become a more widespread issue. The effects of global warming are hard to refute, and there is endless evidence of this growing problem in our world today. The continuation of global warming is a serious threat to everyone and everything on Earth. Global warming has been a problem for over a hundred years, and it continues to grow every day. The first evidence of global warming was discovered in 1859 by JohnRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On The World868 Words   |  4 PagesDisputed Global Warming Affects Global Warming is in the minds of critical thinkers and scientist as well as the Industrial World. In this paper, we will look at man-made causes of Global Warming, and natural causes in Global Warming Affects. The man- made cause would be (GHC) which abbreviates to greenhouse gases and the chemical (SO2) represents sulfur dioxide from cars and Industry. The natural cause in the climate would direct more to a cooler climate. The Global Warming remains,augmented thatRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On The World1025 Words   |  5 PagesJacob Keirns Persuasive Paper Miss Beverly March 22, 2016 Global Warming â€Å"Some men aren t looking for anything logical, like money. They can t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.† -Christopher Nolan The late nineteenth century was a time of immense discovery, particularly in the world of science. First theorized in the 1890s, the idea of global warming has been around for just over 100 years, despite it’s relatively recent gain in tractionRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On The World1575 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal warming has become a major issue in the world today. Not only are humans being affected, but many species and organisms are as well. Naturally, the Earth experiences heating and cooling cycles, and has over time. The ice age is a great example of a cooling cycle that was rather extreme. Since the industrial revolution, the amount of greenhouse gases has increased and built up in the atmosphere over time (Weart, 2015). The climate changes are being caused by the heat that is trapped in theRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On The World1267 Words   |  6 Pages Over the course of the years global warming has become a threatening issue that scientists and the government have been cognizant about. Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth s atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate. The earth periodically warms up and cools down. The Earth is currently going through a warming trend that coincides with the industrial revolution. ThisRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On The World1185 Words   |  5 PagesThe Effects of Greenhouse Gasses Global Warming has been devastating the earth and economy for the last twenty-five years. Greenhouse gasses developed from the production of chemicals such as R-22, oil, and factories have destroyed ozone and ecosystems for the last hundred years. Carbon dioxide is produced naturally and absorbed by plants and animals, but, too much, and it is deadly. With the increase in automobiles and production, the world government has begun to address the issue of greenhouseRead MoreEffects Of Global Warming On The World Essay1816 Words   |  8 PagesDiseases, war, etc... Those are major concerns of this world, and climate change is always a hot issue given to debate. It s not just a matter of a single country, but it’s a problem of the whole human race. Humanity is facing the risk of extinction. The impact of environmental pollution leads to climate change and natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. Those disasters are caused by the impact of humans to nature, such as deforestation, ecological imbalance, and use of chemicalsRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Effect On The World1036 Words   |  5 Pagesdefinition of Global warming is; a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants. Global warming is a very big issue that is slowly affecting the whole world. Climate change has been studied since the early 1970’s, and scientist of many different fields are agreeing that global warming’s effects are increasing at a rapid pace. Global Warming was notRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Effects On The World Essay919 Words   |  4 PagesThe world has many years existing in this galaxy and every day we see that is changing more and more but not in a very good way that it can end in the extinction of the planet earth. â€Å"Earth Hasn’t Heated Up This Fast Since the Dinosau rs’ End† (Lavelle). Carbon is growing so fast in the atmosphere faster than in the past 66 million years since the dinosaurs went extinct (Lavelle). All the presidents hold a position of power that could change this big problem that the planet is having, behind thisRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On The World1823 Words   |  8 PagesGlobal warming is called by some as a threat to all people on all nations while others disregard it as another publicity stunt by the media. Research tends to indicate that humans have caused most of the past century s warming by releasing heat-trapping gases as we power our modern lives. The result is global warming with the weather patterns shifting and glaciers melting, the world we know today is slowly dissipating as these changes bring about dramatic consequences for all on the planet including

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Analysis Of Into The Wild By Chris Mccandless - 753 Words

Into the wild by Jon Krakauer is a true journey of a man named Chris McCandless who wanted to escape from the norms of the modern tendency of social comformandy, although his journey eventually came up short. Christopher McCandless engulfed the philosophy from American poet Henry David Thoreau of having less government and pro self sufficiency with ties to nature and beauty of having freedom in his surroundings. McCandless shared his views from American poet Henry David Thoreau . Chris McCandless, who lived in a white collar family, grew tiresome from the conformism of modern society, so he left on a mission to go his own way, and to live on his own pace away from people and closer to nature. (28) â€Å"He took as gospel the essay â€Å"on the†¦show more content†¦As Thoreau believes when a government has to much authority, it becomes corrupt and individuals lose their free will. Our intuition and natural instincts guide us to do the right things. â€Å"In nature, we a re uncorrupted. It is only when we let society influence us that we start to conform and hence, be corrupted.† Self reliance; The tenants of trandecilism. This piece is in correlation to Thoreau, observes the fact the governments role in brainwashing society to conform is the driving aspect in corruption. â€Å"Striving for material goods is worthless and an unhealthy pursuit. It is totally superficial. Money is evil because it causes us to place artificial and false value on objects and people.† Materialism is bad; The tenants of trandencilism. Henry David Thoreau would also agree in the fact of materials are a waste of space, and people who obsess over objects are unhealthy, and can turn into a life of selfishness and greed. Christopher McCandless, and more famous Henry David Thoreau share many of the same idealistic philosophies yet along with that they do differ in subtle differences. As it’s well known for starters, McCandless and Thoreau both shared the idea of a â€Å"the government is best which governs least†. This is meaning that to much government control distracts us from our own biological natural existence, and can lead into moral wrongdoings. Another thing the men both could agree on is that nature is good. Being close toShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Chris Mccandless s Odyssey Into The Wild1103 Words   |  5 PagesInto the Wild follows Christopher McCandless through his last year of his life traversing the North American frontier. As a biography based on McCandless’ journals and interviews, much of the details of Chris’ journeys are speculated. Yet, Krakauer succeeds in developing the enigma of Christopher McCandless, or as he would be immortalized in the bus on the Stampede Trail, Alexander Supertramp, in a way that tugs at the buried wanderer inside of everyone. Throughout the novel, Chris McCandless facesRead MoreInto the Wild: an Analysis of Who Jack Londonwas to Chris Mccandless1113 Words   |  5 Pagesfound at the bus where Chris McCandless’s body was found. Chris McCandless admired Jack London as a man and a writer. Chris went into the wild’s of Alaska to prove that he could live off the land, with no modern conveniences, and no human contact. Jack London wrote stories about men and animals experiences against the environment, and survival against hardships, which were written from his own life. His works included individualism and the study of the laws of nature. Chris wanted to explore hisRead MoreAnalysis Of Chris Mccandless s The Wild And Understanding His Life 1196 Words   |  5 Pagestimes they are simply unimportant part of your life. When having a unique personality, like Chris McCandless, becoming friends is hard but many acquaintances can be made. After reading Into the Wild and understanding his life, many people can be thought of who would have benefited Chris if he got to know them. These people could help Chris see the other side of the story as well as change the tragic ending. Chris would benefit the company of Ted Kaczynski, Garret Mason, and Bill Gates. All three of theseRead MoreAnalysis Of Chris Mccandless s The Wild And Never Came Back Out 1128 Words   |  5 PagesMaryna Nguyen Ms. Mensen US Lit. A 24 November 2014 Chris McCandless: Who Went Into The Wild and Never Came Back Out To the average person, going off and living off the land is far fetched from the ideal â€Å"perfect life† or â€Å"American Dream†. To Christopher McCandless, it’s another story, he isn’t the type of person to â€Å"stick to the status quo†, he follows the things that he believes could benefit himself. To some people, it may be narcissistic because it’s selfish to only think about what is goodRead MoreThe Wild And Ambitious Journey Of Chris Mccandless1202 Words   |  5 PagesInto The Wild Analysis Alexander Supertramp: Personification of Courage The story Into The Wild details the spiritual and ambitious journey of Chris McCandless. Chris McCandless is depicted by the author Jon Krakauer as an individual who grew tired of the social perceptions and all the flavorless interactions that occupied it. Despite the career path that was laid in front of him, McCandless sought something more than what materialism had to offer; He sought enlightenment. Due to the cause thatRead MoreEssay On Chris Mccandless1092 Words   |  5 PagesChris McCandless, the subject of Jon Krakauersâ€Å"Into The Wild,† whose off-the-grid Alaskan adventure ended in starvation is a hero and an idealist whose sense of independence and adventure inspires us to reach for our dreams. McCandless was a courageous man. He wanted to live a life that was completely different than the one his parents lead. And wanted to submerge himself in the world that we live in and be sequestered from people who take it for granted. However, most students see McCand less asRead MoreInto the Wild: by Jon Krakauer1186 Words   |  5 Pagesthat Chris McCandless did in his life. When reading I could definitely sense Krakauers natural liking for McCandless. He was sympathetic to McCandless, based on Krakauers sense of a shared experience in their youth and up until McCandless eventual death and Krakauers perceived near death experience on the Devils Thumb. I believe the author’s main point and perspective was formed from his own experience and relationship with his father. While the situations were basically reversed with Chris notRead MoreAnalysis Of Chris Mccandlessness In Into The Wild870 Words   |  4 PagesChris McCandless was a free spirit, unbound by the chains of society and an old soul who took pleasure, and fulfilled his lust for adventure, by tramping around the United States. Rather than living the normal life in civilization, Chris felt his love for nature stated when he abandons his family and lives off the land. Jon Krakauer, the author of Into the Wild wrote the book about Chris McCandless aka Alex Supertramp when he died of starvation in the Alaskan wilderness and made headlines. PeopleRead MoreLiterary Analysis of Into the Wild1669 Words   |  7 PagesLiterary Analysis of Into The Wild Imagine spending thirty days alone in a tent or a cabin in the wilderness with no technology, electricity, running water, and any form of communication. Every day you wake up to the sight of the beautiful, tall trees and the various wildlife living in the area. Most of the time, you can hear the many sounds of nature: the majestic songs of birds, the whistling in the wind, and trees rustling. But sometimes all you can hear is nothing but silence. Most of usRead MoreInto The Wild By John Krakauer1735 Words   |  7 PagesInto the Wild Analysis John Krakauer’s depiction of the tragic life of Chris McCandless in the award winning novel â€Å"Into the Wild† creates different schools of thought that brew a perfect storm for debate. Krakauer’s polarizing style is what makes it so special, because no two people will feel the same way as they experience the journey of McCandless. One of the highly discussed topics of the novel relates to the idea that Chris’ journey of self-discovery in his quest for â€Å"ultimate freedom† is inherently

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Symptom Recital by Dorthy Graves Free Essays

In this composition I will be comparing and contrasting two poems from our love poem selections. The two poems I will be using are â€Å"Symptom Recital† by Dorothy Parker and â€Å"Symptoms of Love† by Robert Graves. These are two of the poems I found most interesting within our selections, because in both â€Å"Symptom Recital† and â€Å"Symptoms of love† both authors depict the feelings their speakers encounter with love. We will write a custom essay sample on Symptom Recital by Dorthy Graves or any similar topic only for you Order Now In these two poems the differences out weight the similarities. The differences in these poems are very noticeable. In â€Å"Symptom recital† Dorothy Parker expresses a woman’s feelings after a bad break up. Parker expresses the anguish and disgust the woman feels about herself, the hatred and the state of mind she is currently in. Parker then uses metaphors’ to express the woman’s thoughts of dismay, such as in line eleven and twelve (I’m disillusioned, empty-breasted/ for what I think I should be arrested). These lines parker expresses that the woman is thinking horrible thoughts of herself and that these thought could be so terrible that if they were brought to the public she would most definitely be arrested. While in the previous poem we saw that Parker was expressing the ill feelings of a breakup, now in Robert Graves’s poem â€Å"Symptoms of Love† is expressing the feelings and emotions someone endures while going through love. Graves depicts the up and down emotions that love gives. The headaches because of how much the speaker cares for the other. How those headaches turn to Jealousy and nightmares. Graves expresses these in metaphors in line one and four through eight. love is a universal migraine/ Symptoms of true love/ are leanness, jealousy/ laggard dawns;/ are omens and nightmares-/ listening for a knock). In these lines Graves shows the emotions of relationships and how they all tie together in one big ball. The similarities both these poems share is the fact that both speakers are showing emotions that come with love. Both the emotions the authors show are turmoil, whether it is while currently in the relationship like â€Å"symptom of Love† shows or after the relationship which â€Å"Symptom Recital† expresses. Both of these poems both end in a somewhat happy tune, for example in Symptom recital the whole poem is very upsetting but ends on a positive not that one day the speaker will find love again. While in â€Å"Symptoms of love† the speaker tone is of how hard it is to be in love but in the end wouldn’t do it for anyone other than the person he shares his love with. In conclusion both poems were very strong, emotion filled poems of the hardships and enjoyments of love and a relationship. How to cite Symptom Recital by Dorthy Graves, Essay examples

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Two Current Stories Regarding Modern Computing

Question: Describe about two current stories regarding modern computing. Answer: Introduction The actor-network theory is sometimes defined as the translation sociology that provides a conceptual framework for different processes through technical activities. Within the concept of modern computing, each and every actant is either acted upon acts on another actant for the fulfillment of their objectives. This particular statement reflects the underlying connection between the two actants in modern computing. This relationship can be explored through the application of the actor-network theory. In this particular assignment the focus is drawn to two particular recent topics- "How can we protect the society from Artificial Intelligence and the Increase in the number of fake Facebook accounts. The application of the Actor Network Theory helps in identification of the different actors within the network. The principle of generalized symmetry is incorporated with the concepts of Actor-Network theory. The actor network theory helps in the identification of the human and non-human actants with the network. Furthermore, it helps in building the conceptual framework of the story on which the actor network theory is applied. 1. Two Current Stories Regarding Modern Computing 1.1. Actor network Theory is relevant for studying computing In modern computing, the Actor Network Theory is connected to various socio-technical events. The Actor Network Theory is mostly utilized while conducting any research. The ATN allows in understanding the different actors or actants in the network. The ATN theory mainly focuses on determining the connection or relationships between both the non-human and human actants within the network (Farias and Bender 2012). The ANT describes how the relations can be utilized while recreating a new actor while keeping the characteristics hidden. The significant concepts of Actor Network Theory are: Actants or Actor: Any entity both human and non-human acting on or upon the network. Actor Network: The heterogeneous network on which the activities are done (Liebenberg 2012). Translation: The process how the actants modify others interest in order to achieve their aim. The various reasons for applying actor network theory for studying computing are as follows:1. The application of ANT focuses on the various entities and their effect and role in the social processes (Sayes 2014).2. The ATN describes the technological impacts on the human or society that acts an external force having the potential for changing the social interaction between the actants (Fenwick and Edwards 2012). 1.2. Story 1: How can we protect the society from Artificial Intelligence 1.2.1. Description of the Story The modern computing element of the contemporary days is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence of simple AI is considered as one of the most modern branches of science and computing that allows the computers to behave and act as humanly begins (Devlin 2016). With the advancement of technology, the scientist has developed the real-life application of the AI with the introduction of self-drive cars and others (Best and Walters 2013). The discovery does not stop there, the introduction of AI robots as doctors raised various questions about the policies regarding the application of advanced technology in sensitive field likes medical science. 1.2.2. Categorizing the actants In this particular story, the application of the Actor Network Theorem assisted in the identification of the different human and non-human actants (Pollack, Costello and Sankaran 2013). While analyzing the interconnection between the different entities in the network, it can be defined that society and researchers or technologist are the human actants while artificial robots and doctors are the non-human actants (Barabsi and Frangos 2014). The technology used that is Artificial Intelligence is the software in this particular story, and medical science is the network involved. 1.2.3. Enhancing the management Functions The application of the Actor Network Theory, the interrelationship and interaction between the society, technologist and Artificial robots have been identified in the network, for this particular story. The researchers are the significant actants that developed technologically advanced artificial robots for the medical science (Faulkner and Runde 2013). The artificial intelligence is the most complex branch of science that remains unrecovered. The computing machines can act flawlessly with the various operations and minute details, but the significant questions remain about the flaws in the medical area. There remains no denying the fact, that the introduction of artificially intelligent robots will surely reduce the accidents rates (Bonner 2013). The changes on the actants will take place since humans are less forgiving considering the action of the robots (Amato et al. 2013). This will gradually raise the number of litigations in the medical department. 1.2.4. Linking the Story to larger issues and contemporary debate There are already various services and technological development that assist the patients in reminding the about the different medical problems and services like reminding about taking pills. In no time, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the medical field will enhance the medical treatment and diagnosis procedure ranging from dementia to even cancer (Paul, P.K., Chatterjee and Ghosh 2015). The safeguards and policies need to be refurnished that could benefit the patients. The technologist needs to understand the impact of AI if the different tools and are not scientifically measured or scrutinized. The significant area that remains in doubt that how the robots will identify or discriminate between different patients while in treatment. The utilization of the ANT will help in the managerial processes to enhance the activities in the network. The technologist actants are the most significant in the story because they have the authority to change or modify the activities the network through the implementation of various policies with the mechanism of the medical robots. 1.3. Story 2: Increased number of Facebook profiles 1.3.1. Description of the Story With the increase in social media websites, Facebook has become the most famous and active social media platforms in recent days. Facebook allows the users to share their thoughts and photograph in their timeline publicly. The public display of various emotions, information and data has resulted in the online based crime in the platform (Glymour, Scheines and Spirtes 2014). Various fake profiles used on the platform are used to commit crimes and harassments to user online (Wired UK 2016). The vital aim of the social media sites is to improve communication and interaction between people living far. With the emergence of various online communication technologies, the number of crimes regarding this is also increasing. 2.2.2. Categorizing the actants The Actor Network theory is used in this story to understand the interrelationship and interaction between the users and the fake profile users in Facebook (Leydesdorff and Ahrweiler 2014). With detailed analysis, it can be concluded that the users of Facebook are the users of Facebook are the human actants the fake profiles are the non-human actants, Facebook is the network in the story. 2.2.3. Enhancing the management Functions The Facebook social media provides a platform to the users to share their personal information including name, address, contact number and other personal details. The Facebook do provide privacy settings that the users choose to set who can access the data (Storni et al. 2015). It has been seen that most of the times, Facebook users forget to change the privacy setting for their profiles. The increase in the number of fake Facebook users has made the fake users access the sensitive information. This has resulted in the increase in a number of Facebook frauds and crimes. 2.2.4. Linking the Story to larger issues and contemporary debate The online offenses and crimes are most likely to target and affect the female users more. Facebook need to introduce default privacy settings for the users. The cyber crime related to Facebook has increased the rate of violence and abuse against women including the domestic abuse. Most of the times the fake users actants have the wrong impression that having a fake Facebook profile with fake pictures and information will make them untraceable (Troshani and Wickramasinghe 2014). The fake profile users have extracted the profile pictures of someone else through the social networking site and used it in the wrong intention. Various softwares are used to that hacks into ones profile and make the user id and password visible to the hacker. The different crimes committed online have increased the number of online offense and crimes. In this particular story, the Facebook social communication medium has been identified as the network on which the actors are action on and upon. The managerial function can be developed with the network of the story to modify the effect of actants that is the fake accounts users (Nexon and Pouliot 2013). The proper use of technological tools like encryption of the user id and password, having default privacy settings for the users will reduce the crimes involved in the social media sites. Further tracing the criminals with their IP address the Facebook authority can strictly prosecute the criminals (Bonner 2013). Apart from that, the tracking the crime patterns will help in identifying them and stop any more crimes and offenses. Conclusion In this particular essay, the Actor Network theory has been utilized to identify and understand the relation between the different actors in the network. The recent two stories have been considered to analyze the different modern computing theory in the network. In the first story how to save the society from artificial intelligence the actants and network have been identified. The analysis has further concluded that the implementation of the different policies within the computing will help in improving the situation. While in the second story about the increase in the number of fake profiles in Facebook, the implementation of robust security and laws to prosecute the criminals will help in modifying the activity of the actants. Thus, it can be concluded that the utilization of the actor network theory helps in understanding the relation between the human and non-human activities and ways to improve it. References Amato, F., Lpez, A., Pea-Mndez, E.M., Vahara, P., Hampl, A. and Havel, J., 2013. Artificial neural networks in medical diagnosis.Journal of applied biomedicine,11(2), pp.47-58. Barabsi, A.L. and Frangos, J., 2014.Linked: the new science of networks science of networks. Basic Books. Best, J. and Walters, W., 2013. Actor-Network Theory and International Relationality: Lost (and Found) in Translation.International Political Sociology,7(3), pp.332-334. Bonner, W.B., 2013. History and ISBroadening our view and understanding: ActorNetwork Theory as a methodology.Journal of Information Technology,28(2), pp.111-123. Devlin, H. 2016.Killer robots and digital doctors: how can we protect society from AI?. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 24 Mar. 2016]. Farias, I. and Bender, T. eds., 2012.Urban assemblages: How actor-network theory changes urban studies. Routledge. Faulkner, P. and Runde, J., 2013. Technological Objects, Social Positions, and the Transformational Model of Social Activity.Mis Quarterly,37(3), pp.803-818. Fenwick, T. and Edwards, R., 2012.Researching education through actor-network theory. John Wiley Sons. Glymour, C., Scheines, R. and Spirtes, P., 2014.Discovering causal structure: Artificial intelligence, philosophy of science, and statistical modeling. Academic Press. Leydesdorff, L. and Ahrweiler, P., 2014. In search of a network theory of innovations: Relations, positions, and perspectives.Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology,65(11), pp.2359-2374. Liebenberg, J., 2012, October. Unravelling the Text Book as Embodied Curriculum: An Actor-Network Theory View of an Android-based eBook Implementation in a South African Secondary School. In M. Specht, M. Sharples and J. Multisilta eds.,,mLearn(pp. 302-307). Nexon, D.H. and Pouliot, V., 2013. Things of Networks: Situating ANT in International Relations.International Political Sociology,7(3), pp.342-345. Paul, P.K., Chatterjee, D. and Ghosh, M., 2015. Neural Networks: Emphasizing its Application in the World of Health and Medical Sciences.Journal of advances in medicine,1(2). Pollack, J., Costello, K. and Sankaran, S., 2013. Applying ActorNetwork Theory as a sensemaking framework for complex organisational change programs.International Journal of Project Management,31(8), pp.1118-1128. Sayes, E., 2014. ActorNetwork Theory and methodology: Just what does it mean to say that nonhumans have agency?.Social Studies of Science,44(1), pp.134-149. Storni, C., Binder, T., Linde, P. and Stuedahl, D., 2015. Designing things together: intersections of co-design and actornetwork theory.CoDesign,11(3-4), pp.149-151. Troshani, I. and Wickramasinghe, N., 2014, January. Tackling Complexity in E-health with Actor-Network Theory. InSystem Sciences (HICSS), 2014 47th Hawaii International Conference on(pp. 2994-3003). IEEE. Wired UK. 2016.Trolls who use fake profiles will face prosecution (Wired UK). [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Mar. 2016].

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To Kill A Mockingbird The Brave Jem free essay sample

To Kill A Mockingbird: The Brave Jem Finch Essay, Research Paper To Kill A Mockingbird: The Brave Jem Finch The book To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, has manycharacters and subjects. The chief subjects are racism and theinteraction of coloured and white people in the South. The settingis Maycomb County, Alabama. The chief characters are the Finchfamily ; father Atticus, girl and narrater Jean Louise ( Scout ) , and her older brother, Jem Finch. Jem was a courageous male child. He was brave plenty to stand up and make the things he had to, even if they scared him. An illustration is when he had to assist bring around Mrs. Dubose # 8217 ; s drug job. The following Monday Jem and I climbed the steep front stairss to Mrs. Dubose # 8217 ; s house # 8230 ; # 8221 ; # 8220 ; So, you brought that dirty small sister of yours, did you? # 8221 ; was her recognizing. Jem said softly, # 8220 ; My sister International Relations and Security Network # 8217 ; t dirty and I ain # 8217 ; t scared of you, # 8221 ; although I noticed his articulatio genuss agitating. We will write a custom essay sample on To Kill A Mockingbird The Brave Jem or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Jem Finch # 8217 ; s courage had many ways of demoing itself. He frequently got frightened but he didn # 8217 ; t want anyone ( particularly Scout ) to cognize it. He would frequently make things even if he truly didn # 8217 ; t want to, because he was courageous and proud. This pride was for himself and his fa mily.His male parent was really of import to him ; Jem thought it was his dutyto stick up for his male parent when others in the town said thingsabout him. # 8220 ; Jem, # 8221 ; he said, # 8220 ; are you responsible for this? # 8221 ; # 8220 ; Yes sir. # 8221 ; # 8220 ; Why # 8217 ; vitamin D you do it? # 8221 ; Jem said quietly, # 8220 ; She said you lawed for niggas and trash. # 8221 ; Jaish-i-mohammeds courage was besides apparent in other character traits ; emotions were a big portion of his life. Because Atticus was a attorney, Jem frequently went to the tribunal room and noticed the assortment ofstrong emotions that are invoked by the force per unit area and atmosphere ofthe courtroom. Jems bravery makes him witting of his emotionsand he doesn # 8217 ; t ever want others to cognize how he feels. Scoutknows that he ever waits until he thinks it is the right clip toreveal his emotions. # 8220 ; I can acquire the janitor to allow you in # 8230 ; Scout? # 8221 ; # 8220 ; Hm? # 8221 ; # 8220 ; Nothing. # 8221 ; Jem hadn # 8217 ; T started like that in a long clip. Merely as the secret plan is really complex and can # 8217 ; t be described in one sentence, so are the characters. A chief character like Jem Finchis really complex and it would be impossible to lucubrate on all ofhis traits in merely one page. Jems courage is evident in hislifestyle, his pride, and his emotions. The Brave Jem Finch

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One Florida Education essays

One Florida Education essays Governor Jeb Bushs One Florida Initiative has come into action and there have been many opposing opinions towards this plan since The Board of Regents approved it. Some might say the plan has split Florida in two. Many Florida citizens who support One Florida argue towards opposing positions to give the plan a chance. These supporters believe this state needs a change because of the numerous problems within our school system. Opposing sides argue that they might consider part of, which is the plan that grants schools money towards scholarships and mentoring but their position is that affirmative action is not a problem. Supporter of One Florida Initiative believe that the plan could not have come about any later than it did because we needed some action done fast. While opposers believe that this plan was voted on too fast and the governor didnt give citizens enough information or time to do anything about it. The initiative to help diversity among college admissions was a well thought out plan supporters argue. They believe One Florida will work if we give it some time. Once we get used to the plan we will see how well it is working we while will learn more about. Supporters are sure that this plan will improve the way Florida works and that we will influence other states to do the same. Bushs plan would replace the states affirmative-action policies, which have been used with mixed success, in university admissions(Porter 1). Opposers of One Florida ask what is he replacing it with? He is not replacing it, he has just eliminated it and this is a form of equivocation. Citizens who oppose the governors plan argue that Affirmative action has only been around for 30 years. Its too soon to get rid of it(Kennedy A1+). Affirmative action was a plan that opposing sides did not want to do away with, and they believe that this plan is not as beneficial as a ...

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The subterranean museum Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The subterranean museum - Assignment Example I personally find this ridiculous. While many people were targeted by the Holocaust, Jews were by far the most targeted. When Hitler enacted the final solution, it was not the final solution to deal with the problem of mentally handicapped people, nor was it the final solution to deal with gays and lesbians. It was the final solution to end the existence of the Jewish people, and the industrial slaughter machine was targeted solely at Jews. Of course everyone needs to be remembered in some way, but I also think it’s perfectly fair that there is a memorial specifically for Jews, and I think it should be the biggest and most important one. There was also a great deal of controversy over the inclusion of a subterranean museum, or â€Å"Ort.† The original designer did not like to include a subterranean museum, but one was built alongside the memorial anyway. I don’t think that it really mattered whether or not the museum was included with the project. Surely a museum about the Holocaust needed to be included somewhere, and most people visiting one site would probably visit the other. It does perhaps take away some of the solemnity of the memorial itself, by turning it into numbers and digits, however. There was also a great deal of conversation about whether it was appropriate for America to have a Holocaust memorial, when the Holocaust was perpetrated in Europe. I think that this is a waste of taxpayers’ money, and there are better ways to remember America’s role in